My work has always assisted me with life on Micah’s Pond, a beautiful property once owned by my grandfather, then my father, now me.I concentrate on painting and finding the exact color the exact shape to say what I’m trying to say. I allow myself to act as a medium and concentrate on the images that come through on the canvas. Sometimes I have plans for the painting and strategically make it happen. Other times I approach the canvas on a pure emotional level by letting the paint flow free almost like a child would. To me painting is magic; images appear out of nothing, blobs of color transform themselves to a new meaning. Creating art gives me the opportunity to share my visual experiences. I identify with the power of the image and re-represent it to my audience. I want my work to invoke thoughts and emotions that will take the viewer on a visual journey.

I paint from observation, but allow my art the freedom to be spontaneous, which spawns new work. Just as importantly, by allowing impromptu action, I omit the desire to control everything in the process. This grants me a voyeuristic space to operate. Being intensely in control without force, I react to chance intuitively, and reflect my findings to my audience. Being a voyeur and a medium wrapped into one.

The process of making art has help me emotionally by providing a physical escape. Blending figuration and abstraction with a basis or departure from landscape, gives me the space to make emotionally hypnotic gestural works.  An example of this is a series dedicated to the late James Byrd Jr. after being dragged to death in Jasper Texas.  A later series, “Baller’s” referring to the decline of African American men in Major League Baseball, was a point of departure into the world of racial inequalities. Realizing the importance of celebrating the positive in life, my latest works reflect a more romantic aspect of life of as an African American man in his 50’s pursuing his dreams.           

I was born in Croix Chapeau, France to a military family that has supported my artistic and athletic desires.  After graduating from Southeastern Massachusetts University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Painting with a need for a more international education, I gained employment as a Flight Attendant with US Airways. Recently I have completed a Masters of Fine Art Degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.